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Conventional and Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine Doctor to Patient

Let’s Get to Know Each Other

We know that choosing a caregiver is an important decision. So, let’s have a chat before you make any big decisions.

For your free, introductory telephone consultation with Dr Husain please fill out the following form. We will be in touch to schedule a 20-minute call, at a time that’s convenient for you

“As a functional medicine doctor, our patients are my hightest priority. The achievement of your best health imaginable is our mission.”

— Dr. Abid Husain

What to Expect
from Your Functional Medicine Doctor

During your free, 20-minute telephone consultation, Dr Husain will go over your health goals and/or obstacles and discuss the process of working together. If you both feel that it’s a good fit, you can schedule a full consultation at the office or through a video call.

Interlinked is a cash-based practice meaning we do not accept insurance. You can pay from a health savings account.