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Conventional and Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is Patient-Centered Medicine

Interlinked MD’s functional approach to medicine will help you establish a balanced foundation from which you can maintain health, heal from injuries and excel to meet new challenges.

Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine are two different terms for the same thing, a person-centered approach to medicine that considers all factors  contributing to your well-being.

Your first, full Functional Medicine consultion will begin with an assessment of your everyday lifestyle choices, environmental exposures, genetic predispositions and current health issues. Lab tests will be ordered for a detailed look at these health factors.

Once assessed, you will be given a personalized treatment plan for diet, exercise and supplements. And because of Interlinked MD’s power to prescribe, these supplements might include Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Peptide Therapy and other prescription medications (only when required).

In functional medicine, every factor that influences your health, wellness and disease are considered.  Not feeling well is cause enough for a closer look. We use all available science-based means for detecting an imbalance that could be causing your illness or a warning sign for one that can be prevented.

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I was in two car accidents within 3 weeks. Several months later I was struggling with post concussion syndrome and resulting brain fog and fatigue that was interfering with everything in my life. Dr. Husain recommended a group of supplements and within one week I was feeling much better, returning to work and fun!

Beth Heller
Owner, Beth Heller Conservation | Outdoor Enthusiast

Dr. Husain helped me a lot and are the most responsive and respectful doctor I’ve ever had. You’ve helped me get my stress levels down to a manageable level and brought my blood pressure back to normal.

Laurie Phenix

I met with Dr. Husain because I was feeling chronically tired. As a personal trainer and gym owner, my job is very demanding, and I have to be able you give my best to my clients! He designed a regimen for me that combines both over-the-counter herbs with prescription peptides to aid in my physical recovery, sleep, and mental stress. I honestly have never felt or looked better.

Jennifer Lopez
Gym Owner | Personal Trainer

Interlinked MD uses the science-based power of both conventional and functional medicine modalities to provide unparalleled care and lift you to an optimized state of being.

The credentials and training of Dr Abid Husain make him the premier provider of Functional Medicine services in the Denver Metro area. Combining the power of a variety of modalities allows him the flexibility to provide solutions that are sensitive to your specific needs, and more conventional medications when needed.

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