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Conventional and Functional Medicine

Interlinked MD uses the science-based power of both conventional and functional medicine modalities to provide unparalleled care and lift you to an optimized state of being.

Dr Husain’s credentials and training in both conventional and functional  medicine modalities allow him to apply solutions that are sensitive to your specific needs. And, when you need them, medications that are strong enough to do the job.

The Many Ways We Help You Climb Higher

Functional Medicine

Through our functional approach to medicine, Interlinked MD will help you establish a balanced foundation from which you can maintain health, heal from injuries and excel to meet new challenges.

Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine are two different terms for the same thing, a person-centered approach to medicine that looks at all factors that contribute to your well being.

Your first, full Functional Medicine consultion will begin with an assessment of your everyday lifestyle choices, environmental exposures, genetic predispositions and current health issues. Lab tests will be ordered for a detailed look at these health factors.

Once assessed, you will be given a personalized treatment plan for diet, exercise and supplements. And because of Interlinked MD’s power to prescribe, these supplements might include Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Peptides and other prescription medications (only when required).

 In functional medicine, every factor that influences your health, wellness and disease are considered.  Not feeling well is cause enough for a closer look. We use all available science-based means for detecting an imbalance that could be causing your illness or a warning sign for one that can be prevented.

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Performance Enhancement

Are you ready to up your game? Interlinked MD has the cutting-edge tools to help you make the physical performance gains you work hard for.

Let us take a look at what it is you’re doing, and not doing, to stay fit, healthy and achieve your goals.  With the use of exercise optimizations, dietary modifications, the proper supplements, hormone therapy (if necessary) and peptide therapy Dr. Husain can help you perform better than you ever have.

Fatigue from repetitive routines, a slow return from an injury or the negative effects of aging can each impact our performance. When we aren’t performing, we tend to loose motivation, which can result in a downward spiral and the loss of fitness. Dr. Husain’s unique, scientifically-studied methods can help youIf bounce back and power through your next plateau.

Whether you’re a beginner or professional level athlete, or just returning to fitness, Interlinked MD can help to give you the most bang for your exercise buck. Harness your body’s optimal function and get back to that exhilarating feeling of a new PR, a higher jump and the conquering of your every challenge.

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Preventative Medicine

In an increasingly toxic world our bodies are constantly burdened with detoxification. We can help mitigate this harm by determining what you’re system struggles with and auditing those factors in your immediate environment.

Although we often think of them as innocuous, everyday encounters with toxins do have untoward effects on our health. This extra stress on your system makes it that much more important to adopt the habits that can help to protect you. But eating well, exercising, taking supplements and maintaining a healthy lifestyle all around only goes so far to defend you against a heavy burden of negative affects on your unique system.

Thorough lab assessments tell us where your system is being stressed and give us a close look at the genomic, dietary and metabolic markers of your cellular and immune health. With this highly individualized knowledge about You, we’ll focus your specific preventive therapies.

Interlinked MD wants you to avoid the pitfalls of your genetic predispositions, feel your best and to live a long and healthy life.

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Integrative Cardiology

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the United States. No one wants to become part of this statistic.

Keeping heart disease at bay means more than just watching your cholesterol. Leading edge research into the metabolism of fat and the nature of inflammation on our cardiovascular system have lead to the understanding of new biomarkers that investigate cardiovascular risk factors on a detailed cellular level.

Knowing your risk is integral to the creation of a treatment plan and how aggressive it needs to be. Whether you have existing heart disease, known risk factors or just want to prevent a genetic predisposition, Interlinked MD will design a treamtment plan just for you.

Our combination of functional and conventional medicine, and cellular metabolic studies provides powerful options for therapeutic interventions and maintenance, for a longer more resilient life free of heart disease.

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Peptide Therapy

Your cells have an inherent intelligence on how to use peptides. Whether created by our bodies or taken as supplements, they swiftly orchestrate cellular health in ways that man-made medications have yet to match.

Always acting to our benefit, peptides are components of cellular communication. This communication not only results in immediate impacts on our health and vitality, but also create lasting improvements over time. As they gradually shift your metabolism and epigenome they create lasting improvements including the ability to withstand and recover from illness more quickly.

Peptides have been used in medicine for a century now. Although some peptides are considered “experimental” by insurance companies they are, in fact, safe. When used in the correct manner, our bodies know just how to regulate them on their own.

Dr Husain is a fellow with Seeds Scientific Research and Performance as well as a member of the International Peptide Society to stay on the cutting edge of peptide therapy.

The more you learn about peptides, the more you will be amazed at just how vital they are to resilience, youthful vigor and longevity.

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We do a lot, but we don't do it all.

I was in two car accidents within 3 weeks. Several months later I was struggling with post concussion syndrome and resulting brain fog and fatigue that was interfering with everything in my life. Dr. Husain recommended a group of supplements and within one week I was feeling much better, returning to work and fun!

Beth Heller
Owner, Beth Heller Conservation | Outdoor Enthusiast

Dr. Husain helped me a lot and are the most responsive and respectful doctor I’ve ever had. You’ve helped me get my stress levels down to a manageable level and brought my blood pressure back to normal.

Laurie Phenix

I met with Dr. Husain because I was feeling chronically tired. As a personal trainer and gym owner, my job is very demanding, and I have to be able you give my best to my clients! He designed a regimen for me that combines both over-the-counter herbs with prescription peptides to aid in my physical recovery, sleep, and mental stress. I honestly have never felt or looked better.

Jennifer Lopez
Gym Owner | Personal Trainer

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