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Conventional and Functional Medicine

Dr Abid Husain created Interlinked MD to offer patients a platform for addressing and navigating health levels beyond the scope of conventional medicine’s understanding.

You’ll find plenty of good doctors out there who are trained in dealing with ailments that are obvious enough to require intervention or hospitalization. That is to say, the real challenge lies in the subtle or nonspecific presentations of health issues before they inhibit our functionality.

Dr Abid Husain founded Interlinked MD to address these “sub-clinical” problems before they disrupt normal life, or worse, manifest into potentially debilitating illnesses. This is why Dr Abid Husain uses the most up-to-date research in prevention and regeneration to help patients detect, prevent and heal from illness, as soon as they are negatively affected. And for those who already feel healthy, he uses these same research-based methods to optimize physical and mental performance, with great success.

“I’m here for my patients when a problem occurs, but more importantly as their guide for the day-to-day health rituals that make feeling great, the new normal.”

— Dr. Abid Husain, Founder

Dr Abid Husain


Dr Husain is an established cardiologist in the conventional healthcare system. Over the years, while treating patients in a traditional hospital setting, he realized the limitations of this system first hand. Because of this, he began seeking a way to provide highly impactful, preventative care. After dedicating years to education in functional medicine and the leading-edge research on the biotechnologies of anti-aging, he has found it. Today, his practice Interlinked MD combines each of these modalities to provide the most comprehensive range of care available.

Dr Husain is among the revolutionary few who are changing the way cardiovascular disease is addressed. Through Interlinked MD’s specialized offering of Integrative Cardiology, Dr Husain is able to identify patients who are at risk for heart disease as well as treat any existing, subtle and specific cardiac issues.

Aside from being a dedicated, triple board certified physician, Dr Husain is also an accomplished painter and mixed martial artist. He believes that a balanced life, complete with a diverse set of interests, is the most healthy way to navigate an increasingly stressful and toxic world.

I was in two car accidents within 3 weeks. Several months later I was struggling with post concussion syndrome and resulting brain fog and fatigue that was interfering with everything in my life. Dr. Husain recommended a group of supplements and within one week I was feeling much better, returning to work and fun!

Beth Heller

Owner, Beth Heller Conservation | Outdoor Enthusiast

Dr. Husain changed my vitamin regimen and nutrition protocol. It took about 4 weeks, and I noticed my body was starting to feel good again. I’ve felt better month to month consistently, and I am not easy on my body.

Vinnie Lopez

Co-Owner of Vital Strength and Fitness | Head Coach of Elevation Fight Team | Former UFC Fighter

Dr. Husain helped me a lot and are the most responsive and respectful doctor I’ve ever had. You’ve helped me get my stress levels down to a manageable level and brought my blood pressure back to normal.

Laurie Phenix

Dr. Husain is an incredible physician. He is brilliant, caring, a great listener and knowledgeable about the most cutting-edge therapies to help his patients.

Sarah Morgan

Entrepreneur at Even Health | Runner

I met with Dr. Husain because I was feeling chronically tired. As a personal trainer and gym owner, my job is very demanding, and I have to be able you give my best to my clients! So, he designed a regimen for me that combines both over-the-counter herbs with prescription peptides to aid in my physical recovery, sleep, and mental stress. I honestly have never felt or looked better.

Jennifer Lopez

Gym Owner | Personal Trainer

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