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The link between conventional and functional medicine

Interlinked MD Offers
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Where conventional medicine says “you’re fine”, functional medicine alone lacks the ability to utilize prescription medications. Although there are benefits to both of these science-based modalities, few medical practices offer them in tandem. This is the knowledge and power that allows Interlinked MD to provide unparalleled care, for those who seek an optimized state of being.

Preventative Medicine

Making the most of everything in your personal wellness arsenal, to give you the optimal health that nature intended.

Peptide Therapy

Correcting the metabolic inefficiencies at the root cause of aging and many infirmities, so that you can rejuvenate, heal and thrive.

Performance Enhancement

Pumping up your game, mentally and physically, through leading-edge regenerative science.

Integrative Cardiology

Merging the best of conventional and integrative cardio care to improve outcomes, beginning with prevention.

Dr. Husain changed my vitamin regimen and nutrition protocol. It took about 4 weeks, and I noticed my body was starting to feel good again. I’ve felt better month to month consistently, and I am not easy on my body.

Vinnie Lopez
Co-Owner of Vital Strength and Fitness | Head Coach of Elevation Fight Team | Former UFC Fighter

Dr. Husain is an incredible physician. He is brilliant, caring, a great listener and knowledgeable about the most cutting-edge therapies to help his patients.

Sarah Morgan
Entrepreneur at Even Health | Runner

Dr. Husain helped me a lot and are the most responsive and respectful doctor I’ve ever had. You’ve helped me get my stress levels down to a manageable level and brought my blood pressure back to normal.

Laurie Phenix

It's Time for a Heart to Heart

An interview with Dr. Seeds on his podcast, “Sex, Drugs, and Epigenome”

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